Selmer Mark VI #112xxx Tenor Saxophone

I have for sale a Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone made in 1963. This saxophone has a been barely played ever.

Perhaps I have played it more in the few moths I have it than during its whole lifetime. The neck going silky smooth in, the position of the neck higher than your typical non pulldown Mark VI neck, keys giving resistance you would expect from a new instrument, pearls being barely touched.

It belonged to enthusiast who didn’t have time to play but wanted it to be in top cosmetic condition so at one point he relaquered it in Selmer facility.

It has full overhaul and plays great. Will come either in its original case or a newer Gator case.


Selmer Mark VII Alto

The saxophone is in very good shape with serviceable pads needing a tweak.
Comes with a decent case.



Vintage Otto Link TE Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Sakshama Reface .092

I recently acquired a bunch of vintage Otto Link blanks that came from an estate of former Otto Link employee Wolf Tanenbaum. They were wrapped in late 40ties paper and included rubber Links, Double Rings, and Tone Masters. They were all in different stages of finish but none of them had the Otto Link stamps. This one is a rubber Link, either a Reso or a Slant. It has my facing and I give full warranty on my work.


Sakshama G Branford Marsalis .115 Black Delrin

I have for sale my hand-finished Sakshama G Branford Marsalis tenor saxophone mouthpiece in .115 tip opening or 8*. The blank is made by CNC in black Delrin. Delrin is a very strong plastic that allows for machining to metal dimensions. Plays the way my pieces should and I give a full money-back warranty on my work.